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Understanding the market for bonds

A new player was asking me about how the bond market worked in the game and how one went about pricing bonds. He asked me to write a post about it so here goes.

People who buy bonds are usually looking for convenience. They are willing to pay more than market value because of that. Figuring out how much above market value is the trick.

There basically two reasons why someone shops on the bond market.

1. To obtain enough ideas to build artefacts

If the artefact is easily obtainable, it’s probably best to issue a bond in 5000 or 10000 idea increments.

If it’s a rare one, say the way the Seuss artefact is, then you can get away with smaller bonds.

2. To obtain rares

These are usually sold in increments of 10 and are bought usually by people who are looking to raise in rank by obtaining as many industries as possible and by collectors (like me!).

Pricing. These are questions you need to ask yourself.

1. How many ideas are there extant?

2. How many blogs are there in that industry? Do they have incoming? If so, how many?

3. Are there other bonds for that industry already?

4. How many players have ideas in this industry? Is it a lot? A few?


Use the forums or the main room on irc to get the word out about your bonds.

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