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Teacup Lady

Yeah, I didn’t know what that one meant either. But someone said that I was a teacup lady. A “teacup lady,” as it was explained to me, is a player who doesn’t like the aggressive side of shares playing. It sounds quasi-insulting, but it’s true in my case. I’m not an aggressive player. Also I like to think that I’m a lady and I do like tea. I am, however, more of a mug user than a teacup user…

I really find shares (e.g. stocks) kind of boring. I maintain a certain portfolio size because it helps the corporation to which I belong maintain its interest rate, but it’s not my favorite part of the game. Recently there have been some skirmishes going on between the corporations. Mainly because one corporation in particular, which has a reputation and a habit of being ultra-aggressive got ganged up on by everyone else.  Turnabout being fair play and karma being a bitch.

There are fairly decent mid-range in value blogs out there. Some of them completely untouched. There are also a lot of blogs to be added. So I’ve never really found it necessary to go bananas taking over active player stocks. It’s perfectly legal to do so, of course, but why bother? I don’t really enjoy doing that to other people.  I have a nice little portfolio with a lot of junk and a few interesting or good value blogs. That works for me.

The real money in this game, and in my opinion, the real fun, is in ideas. And in that arena, I am no teacup lady.

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