This feels like compulsion to me, but I’ve come back as an IM. Mostly I’ve been cleaning and that exercise, while soothing, is bringing something home to me: the game is on its last legs.

I cleaned England and all its subs in about 2 weeks. Back in the day the notion of cleaning that large an industry would have been inconceivable. You just couldn’t do it–not unless you had all the other IMs working at it and even then . . .

But we’re down to a handful of players, and half of them don’t mod and the other half don’t vote.

I think the game could be revived, but I;m at a loss as to how.

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Time to cut the cord?

I play mostly out of compulsion…

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Don’t throw bouquets at me

People will say we’re in love

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Still not dead :)

Glad to know I haveĀ  faithful reader though….

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Still alive

1. This blog is not dead.

2. No fair reporting it dead a full 2 days before the 6 months date.

3. Immunis needs to stop stuffing the PQ :D

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Getting frustrated

As a former roled player, I know how much work it is. I’m not faulting the roled players. They do a lot and they do their best. But I’m not sure B$ is sustainable anymore. Sad really.

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So the game is back

There’s a part of me that’s been glad for the long downtime. I think I’m going to try and limit my play quite a bit.

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