R.I.P. Blogshares

The crash we were all dreading finally happened. The game, it be dead.

I made some great friendships because of this game. It shall be missed.

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Sooooo predictable

If I link to it, the asshat votes everything else up. Or votes all football in because that’s what this game needs: a complete index of every stupid soccer Twitter.

A couple of former players came back into the game and even though the corps are pretty much dead, because they happen to belong to mine, he’s targeting them. And the whole reason he went after the corp members in the first place was because he was ticked off at a fellow corp player who hasn’t been around for literal years.


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Where there’s life

there’s hope

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Do you think I don’t know what you’re doing? Asshat.

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Still cleaning

So much crap out there.

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Cleaning headaches

Nothing quite like having to vote up all kinds of stuff because some idiot has only voted one industry in order to ruin it for another player.

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This feels like compulsion to me, but I’ve come back as an IM. Mostly I’ve been cleaning and that exercise, while soothing, is bringing something home to me: the game is on its last legs.

I cleaned England and all its subs in about 2 weeks. Back in the day the notion of cleaning that large an industry would have been inconceivable. You just couldn’t do it–not unless you had all the other IMs working at it and even then . . .

But we’re down to a handful of players, and half of them don’t mod and the other half don’t vote.

I think the game could be revived, but I;m at a loss as to how.

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Time to cut the cord?

I play mostly out of compulsion…

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Don’t throw bouquets at me

People will say we’re in love

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Still not dead 🙂

Glad to know I have  faithful reader though….

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