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Cleaning headaches

Nothing quite like having to vote up all kinds of stuff because some idiot has only voted one industry in order to ruin it for another player.

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Phase IV

complete – about to complete Phase I and II.

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Phase I – almost complete

Phase II – finished with donations. Whatever is left over will be for wall of fame

Phase III – all but 1 is left

Phase IV – underway

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and its subs are cleaned. Thankfully Immnunis had done some work in there earlier. I killed one blog though that broke my heart. One of the ones where the blogger had died and a family member made the last post to write what had happened.

One or two that just needed votes purged as the bloggers were cancer survivors and had gone on to happier topics.

Will go back to killing bad creative writing crap during the week.


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Been taking a look at the various subs under writing and literature. There is a lot of crap in there and a lot of dead stuff. I cleaned out poetry writing, but this is going to take a lot more time.

I should also probably clean out Cancer and its subs, but I hate those blogs. So many dead blogs and when those blogs are dead, it’s usually because the owner has passed away. Sad.

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I’ll take Sweden

Took me about 5 days,  but Sweden and all its subs are cleaned!!!!!!

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Experiment in cleaning

I”m taking a hard look at the Crafts industry. Overall, I think the organization is fairly sound.  There are a few industry descriptions that need tightening up, but it’s not at all bad. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that a lot of the blogs, particularly those in Fiber Arts are cross voted all over the place. usually when I clean, I do so by looking at one subindustry at a time and by reindexing from the bottom up.  This was proving problematic with the cross voted industries and I was having a hard time keeping track of what I’d cleaned and what needed to be cleaned.

I created two folders in my ideas portfolios and dumped all of the industries under and including crafts into one labeled “cleaning”. As I’ve been cleaning them, they move over to the “cleaned” folder. I’m trying to move around a bit. Jewelry making the one day, needlepoint the next, then say over to Beadwork. That way I have a relatively empty canvas to deal with.

Knitting is going to be a pain. Lot of deads, but it’s such a massive industry. Will tackle that headache when I get to it.

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