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Phase IV

complete – about to complete Phase I and II.

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Phase III


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Phase I – almost complete

Phase II – finished with donations. Whatever is left over will be for wall of fame

Phase III – all but 1 is left

Phase IV – underway

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I just finished reorganizing my shares portfolios. I do this every so often. I dump it all into one folder and over the course of a week or two go through every single blog (or I try to anyhow). Title changes? Fix the titles. Deads? Sell them off and delist. Nearly dead? Usually sell off and set a watch on the blog to delist. Not voted? I vote them, although I usually try and keep my blogs voted. New blogs

Why go through all that bother? you ask. I don’t have much of a portfolio as far as shares go–and frankly, I probably never will. Well, it keeps things tidy and I like that. A lot of players have sixteen million folders. Many have lots of deads. Some of them have incredible amounts of spam. Well, that’s great for them, I guess. It’s also great for the sigma hunters out there. In my opinion, it also attracts a lot of attention to one’s holdings, but to each his own.

I’d rather have stuff voted so that when it does go dead and the p/e is at 2000+, I can PRD it down low enough to sell. I’d also rather be the one with the karma and the sigma. I’d rather have the deads, the non-blogs, and the spam the heck out of there, so that I don’t take a hit if another player delists it on me. And frankly…well, I like to know what I have.

So it’s done for the next couple of months and I feel pretty good about it.

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Improving Blogshares

The GIC has posted a contest. Consider this my entry. These are the two things they want to know.

  • When you start your blogshares day, what is the first page you load?
  • If the hompage [sic] had modules that you could select, what kind of data / information would you want in them?

I actually go to my shares page. Which is kind of weird cause I hate the shares play part of the game. I guess I like to get the housekeeping that goes along with shares over with first.

In answer to the second question, it’s my ideas portfolios, the players market tool, messages, and (sigh) my shares portfolios.

Unasked, but I’ll volunteer it anyhow. My big complaint with the Blogshares page is the overall busyness of it. It is so text intensive that I think it can be a bit overwhelming to new users. I know it was to me.  A cleaner, fresher look is probably in order. I know they depend on sponsor and ad income, but there has to be a better and more attractive way to present that.

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Teacup Lady

Yeah, I didn’t know what that one meant either. But someone said that I was a teacup lady. A “teacup lady,” as it was explained to me, is a player who doesn’t like the aggressive side of shares playing. It sounds quasi-insulting, but it’s true in my case. I’m not an aggressive player. Also I like to think that I’m a lady and I do like tea. I am, however, more of a mug user than a teacup user…

I really find shares (e.g. stocks) kind of boring. I maintain a certain portfolio size because it helps the corporation to which I belong maintain its interest rate, but it’s not my favorite part of the game. Recently there have been some skirmishes going on between the corporations. Mainly because one corporation in particular, which has a reputation and a habit of being ultra-aggressive got ganged up on by everyone else.  Turnabout being fair play and karma being a bitch.

There are fairly decent mid-range in value blogs out there. Some of them completely untouched. There are also a lot of blogs to be added. So I’ve never really found it necessary to go bananas taking over active player stocks. It’s perfectly legal to do so, of course, but why bother? I don’t really enjoy doing that to other people.  I have a nice little portfolio with a lot of junk and a few interesting or good value blogs. That works for me.

The real money in this game, and in my opinion, the real fun, is in ideas. And in that arena, I am no teacup lady.

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