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I just finished reorganizing my shares portfolios. I do this every so often. I dump it all into one folder and over the course of a week or two go through every single blog (or I try to anyhow). Title changes? Fix the titles. Deads? Sell them off and delist. Nearly dead? Usually sell off and set a watch on the blog to delist. Not voted? I vote them, although I usually try and keep my blogs voted. New blogs

Why go through all that bother? you ask. I don’t have much of a portfolio as far as shares go–and frankly, I probably never will. Well, it keeps things tidy and I like that. A lot of players have sixteen million folders. Many have lots of deads. Some of them have incredible amounts of spam. Well, that’s great for them, I guess. It’s also great for the sigma hunters out there. In my opinion, it also attracts a lot of attention to one’s holdings, but to each his own.

I’d rather have stuff voted so that when it does go dead and the p/e is at 2000+, I can PRD it down low enough to sell. I’d also rather be the one with the karma and the sigma. I’d rather have the deads, the non-blogs, and the spam the heck out of there, so that I don’t take a hit if another player delists it on me. And frankly…well, I like to know what I have.

So it’s done for the next couple of months and I feel pretty good about it.


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Confessions of a Sigma Hunter

I’ve been reporting deads for the past few days using my old method: type in a word into the B$ blog title search engine. Open up the blogs, report the deads, vote the live ones, report the title changes.

Usually this gets you a ton of unowned worthless $1K blogs. Sometimes though you hit some very interesting results. Like now. I’ve been putting in some keywords for some industries that are very hot on the B$ market. Didn’t really know what would be there. Didn’t expect much to be honest. What do I find?

Dead blog after dead blog, mostly worth 1K that a player has bought recently. Like days ago. I understand having a few deads in your portfolio. It happens. But why would anyone buy up dead blogs from 2 or 3 years ago that have no value?

Time to see what knitting blogs are still with us ….

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