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I have to say

I’m quite enjoying playing at this very reduced level. I miss the folks in my corp, but it’s kind of nice playing by myself again…

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Upon reflection

I’m just gonna ignore Mr. WTF (with the very unfortunate new player name). While I can add a zillion blogs in Viseu, link to them, get my friends to vote it up in the industries, and then continue to reindex the heck out of them daily (which I admit, I have been doing, at least the reindexing part), it just contributes to his paranoid delusions. So let him live in my trans logs. He didn’t stop me before and he’s not going stop me now.

He seems to be having fun obsessively taking note of my very occasional visits to his blog and sniping stuff. Who am I to stop him?

Dude, enjoy yourself.

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This should be interesting.

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B$ 2.0

I had my account reset tonight. It feels good. It took a lot longer than I thought it would to divest myself of my holdings. I made a lot of donations. Finally I donated all my wealth to the Hall of Fame.

I stepped down as IM a few weeks ago. It was fun. My fellow IMs were great.  I had a blast cleaning industries, but it got to be too much. And way too many asshats with persecution complexes. It stopped being fun.

So now what? Well, I’m still going to play, just scaling it back a bit. And it’s going to be fun again.


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The not-so pesky fly

is trying some mild passive-aggressive stuff. Not sure why considering I haven’t been playing much of late…

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A fate worse than death

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