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Dr. Seuss, or an exercise in frustration

A new artefact has been released. Yes, I know how to spell artifact (they spell them the other way in the game). This is for Dr. Seuss. The problem is that there are no blogs for Dr. Seuss. None. There must have been some at one time because a bunch of players have some ideas for it. But whatever the blog(s) was or were, they don’t exist now.

Rankings are partly determined by the number of artefacts you have. At the time of this writing, I’m missing 2. The Dr. Seuss one and another doozy for Pink Floyd. At least there are blogs for Pink Floyd.

I’ve been hunting for a couple of days now and so far no luck. Dr. Seuss qualifies as a content industry. Meaning that in order to vote a blog into the Dr. Seuss industry, it needs to have at least 5 posts with significant content devoted to Dr. Seuss. This is a tall order.

Now I am a big Seuss fan. Theodor Geisel (Seuss was, of course, a pen name) revolutionized children’s literature, was a fantastic illustrator, and created possibly one of the more bizarre musicals of our time.

I speak, of course, of The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T. The hero, Bart, a small boy is the unwilling student of piano teacher, Dr. Terwilliker. Dr. Terwilliker is played by the late, great character actor, Hans Conreid. There’s a sort of nightmare/fantasy where the main action happens. And Dr. Terwilliker turns into a crazed dictator of a piano camp with designs on Bart’s mother. The costumes, music, sets, even the characters are all bizarre. It’s great fun.

Unfortunately, it did horribly at the box office and it is the only film Seuss ever did. Way ahead of its time.

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A game without an end

I’ve been thinking a lot about this game–what I want to get out of it and what is fun about it–lately. My real passion is collecting.

Thanks to a couple of tools that I’ve discovered (tools that are far from secret, btw), I’ve managed to “open up” some rares.  Basically this means that there are some industries that have no blogs in them. They are idealess. If you can locate a qualified blog, you open it up. The problem is that many of these industries are in impoverished areas or in “census-designated places”(i.e. non-existent names).

It’s a real challenge to locate qualified blogs for these. Then you have to get them to drop. Ideas won’t drop unless there are incoming links. If there are no incoming links, the trick is to link to them in your own blog, reindex your blog, and then reindex the blogshares profile of the industry you are trying to make drop.

Then you have to catch them before anyone else.

There are some players who are desperate to hold onto the rares they find and make sure no one else or only their friends get them.  So they either remove the links as soon as possible or every day at the appointed time, they reindex and catch the ideas themselves. The other day I was issuing a bond to a friend and another player sniped it. That’s perfectly legal, but it’s not particularly nice behavior. But then there are a lot of tactics in this game that are perfectly legal, but mean spirited.

I don’t get that.  In a way ranking in Blogshares, is pretty much like an unending game of king of the hill. There will always be someone who is trying to be number 1. There will always be someone who will get those ideas–somehow. What the heck is the point in trying to hog them all?

At this point, I have achieved most of my game goals. I would very much like to have ideas in all of the industries, but beyond that, I just want the industries opened.

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Magical mystical 23!

I have recently started entering some of the contests that various players offer for BlogShares. A fellow player, who goes by the handle of Rantz, has for a reason I cannot possibly explain, an affinity for the number 23. Given that I love the number 42, I really can’t judge the guy. Anyhow, he’s founded the 2,300 Chippies corporation (some corporations are more fun than anything else). The rewards are chips. Since chips equal money and also contribute to one’s rankings, it’s incentive indeed.His most recent contest is interesting. I have a shot with some of its facets, specifically this one. Namely blog about the contest. I’m going to have a go at the logic puzzle (although, Rantz, if you’re reading this, vegemite? and don’t tell me Google is my friend. I looked it up, but it just sounds so darn bizarre. I should be able to complete the voting/modding part. I love doing that. And collecting the Geek ideas is probably something I can accomplish as well. The math one–not a chance in hell.


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