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Improving Blogshares

The GIC has posted a contest. Consider this my entry. These are the two things they want to know.

  • When you start your blogshares day, what is the first page you load?
  • If the hompage [sic] had modules that you could select, what kind of data / information would you want in them?

I actually go to my shares page. Which is kind of weird cause I hate the shares play part of the game. I guess I like to get the housekeeping that goes along with shares over with first.

In answer to the second question, it’s my ideas portfolios, the players market tool, messages, and (sigh) my shares portfolios.

Unasked, but I’ll volunteer it anyhow. My big complaint with the Blogshares page is the overall busyness of it. It is so text intensive that I think it can be a bit overwhelming to new users. I know it was to me.  A cleaner, fresher look is probably in order. I know they depend on sponsor and ad income, but there has to be a better and more attractive way to present that.

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Seek and ye shall find

This is a great tool for searching via location, which works really well for demographic ideas. When blogger went to their new beta platform, that tool went down, much to my consternation. Then around August 7th, I saw this post on the same blog with the tool. So I set out to seeing if I could open up industries.
I refuse to link to the blog or the post that is inspiring me to write this. Suffice it to say that I was proactive in opening up blogless industries when other players were not, and that I upset the status quo by threatening a former (now banned) player’s ranking.

The game has undergone a lot of changes over the past few months. Most of them really good. One of the best changes was to take ultra rare demographic industries and change them to findable ones. The only downside was that some of the original votes cast for those were never purged. I posted in the forums to get this fixed and have now seen that attempt at correction totally twisted into something it is not.

I believe I play this game with integrity. I get really upset when someone impugns my character. Going back to playing the game now.

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