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How to get your blog in the game?

If you’re playing already, this is easy. You do a search on the url of the blog. If it’s not there, you have the option to add it. Easy 20 chips and 1 sigma point.

If you’re not playing already, you need to either join and add it in, or find someone who will do it for you.

Remember it needs to fit the definitions of a qualified blog.

The game can be played as a non-premium player, i.e. for free.

This is how I got started playing the game. I was looking at my stats and wondering who the heck these people were. Then I got in and saw that my blog was only worth $3000 (which is not surprising, this was a personal blog that had about 3 readers).

How to get the value of your blog up? Well, does anyone else link to it? Is that blog in the system? Has it been reindexed? If it’s not in the system and it’s a qualified blog, add it. It’ll show up.

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