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So it continues

Mr. Passive Aggressive (the player formerly known as Mr. ???)  continues to sabotage me. I was trying to explain the reasons to someone and I had to go back and dig around in my saved messages and found this old post — geez louise, it’s been over a year. At least 2 of the players he was complaining attacked him are not longer active. Anyone else would have moved on. Does he even remember why he is doing this? Or is this now some weird wild west feud in his mind and the reasons are now unimportant?

I still remain mystified as to why exactly I have to suffer for this, but anyway. What? I’m supposed to quit my corp (of which I am not an admin) so that I can play in peace? Yeah, so not gonna happen.

So exactly what is Mr. Passive Aggressive doing? Well, like most players who collect ideas, I link to them and reindex. Things have been fine for awhile. Then yesterday I notice that Mr. Passive Aggressive is busy voting other stuff up so that the ideas I am trying to get are no longer in the top 5. Namely in all the blogs I’ve linked to. A girl gets a little paranoid. Then I start poking around in his trans log. Yeah, anything I have added, he votes everything up. Anything I vote, he votes other stuff. And predominantly, it’s just my stuff.
I think in his warped mind, this is what I should do:

  1. Suffer and do nothing (no striking back at him)
  2. Leave my corporation
  3. Stop playing

Those things are not going to happen.

So again. Grow the hell up.

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Mr. Passive Aggressive

Yeah, you. The one who can’t let go of your grudge. You know who you are.

Jeez louise, grow the hell up.

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