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Phase IV

complete – about to complete Phase I and II.


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Phase I – almost complete

Phase II – finished with donations. Whatever is left over will be for wall of fame

Phase III – all but 1 is left

Phase IV – underway

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Phase I

is nearly complete. Still have quite a few to divest myself of, but I should be able to accomplish that in the next few days.

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Magical mystical 23!

I have recently started entering some of the contests that various players offer for BlogShares. A fellow player, who goes by the handle of Rantz, has for a reason I cannot possibly explain, an affinity for the number 23. Given that I love the number 42, I really can’t judge the guy. Anyhow, he’s founded the 2,300 Chippies corporation (some corporations are more fun than anything else). The rewards are chips. Since chips equal money and also contribute to one’s rankings, it’s incentive indeed.His most recent contest is interesting. I have a shot with some of its facets, specifically this one. Namely blog about the contest. I’m going to have a go at the logic puzzle (although, Rantz, if you’re reading this, vegemite? and don’t tell me Google is my friend. I looked it up, but it just sounds so darn bizarre. I should be able to complete the voting/modding part. I love doing that. And collecting the Geek ideas is probably something I can accomplish as well. The math one–not a chance in hell.


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