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Sweet fleeting moment of joy

ideas needed

At this moment, I have all available industries. The four remaining are empty and will always remain so. I’m not the first to achieve this, but that has never mattered to me. The point is I have them all.

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Light at the end of the tunnel

Down to 4 artifacts needed. Until they release more….

Well, there are two Seuss blogs now. That is a good thing. Players will link to these blogs which will increase the drop sizes. Ideas will drop based on how many incoming links there to a specific industry and based upon the position of the industry on the blogshares profile. If a blog doesn’t have any incoming links or if the industry you want is not in the top 5, those ideas will not drop when you reindex it.

I’ve continued to search for more Seuss blogs, but to no avail. It’s probably due to a mix of things. Geisel’s books are almost part of the background. When he first started writing, his books were fresh and new and like nothing anyone had ever seen before. Now they’re standards.

Just doing a search now and I brought up something on Google Books, a Geisel biography The Man who was Dr. Seuss: The Life and Work of Theodor Geisel.

One very nice person commented on another post about the post they had made on their own blog. The problem is that to vote content, you need 5–count ’em–5 recent posts on a topic to qualify.

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