Signs you may be playing too much B$

Based on the understanding that I am from the U.S., speak only English, and didn’t get the most thorough grounding in geography.

  • You automatically make the conversion to B$ system time in your head.
  • Someone tells you about a cool blog and the first thing you do is see if it’s in the system yet.
  • You know the difference between Danish and Norwegian or Chinese and Japanese at a glance.
  • As you drive through another state, you see the sign for a tiny town, and you say “Oh, yeah, I have ideas in this one.”
  • You know the states of an obscure third-world nation by heart.
  • You can fill in crossword geography clues without resorting to a dictionary.
  • You understand how the Persian calendar works
  • You wake up in order to turn a blog or catch a drop.
  • You schedule your personal life around turning a blog or catching a drop.

And yes, I fit these categories…


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