Time to cut the cord?

I play mostly out of compulsion…


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Don’t throw bouquets at me

People will say we’re in love

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Still not dead 🙂

Glad to know I have  faithful reader though….

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Still alive

1. This blog is not dead.

2. No fair reporting it dead a full 2 days before the 6 months date.

3. Immunis needs to stop stuffing the PQ 😀

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Getting frustrated

As a former roled player, I know how much work it is. I’m not faulting the roled players. They do a lot and they do their best. But I’m not sure B$ is sustainable anymore. Sad really.

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So the game is back

There’s a part of me that’s been glad for the long downtime. I think I’m going to try and limit my play quite a bit.

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I have to say

I’m quite enjoying playing at this very reduced level. I miss the folks in my corp, but it’s kind of nice playing by myself again…

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