Sooooo predictable

If I link to it, the asshat votes everything else up. Or votes all football in because that’s what this game needs: a complete index of every stupid soccer Twitter.

A couple of former players came back into the game and even though the corps are pretty much dead, because they happen to belong to mine, he’s targeting them. And the whole reason he went after the corp members in the first place was because he was ticked off at a fellow corp player who hasn’t been around for literal years.



  1. LOL 😀

    I found an old postcard written in Italian. You probably don’t need it any more, but here is my translation anyhow:

    To Miss Angelina Picolo Vivicente
    Many greetings
    From your Godmother

  2. Returning to Blogshares means doing a lot of reading and maintenance. I voted to put a few blogs in the right industries: will keep voting as long as I play. I found a bunch of random blogs that were dead and reported them. I spent a lot of today buying up ideas from industries with few blogs. I don’t know if they’ll pay off – I certainly don’t know how to bond them – but it seemed like a smart thing to do with the portfolio. And I did buy a bunch of shares in blogs and created a bond or two. Not sure how to create good bonds, though. And really not sure how to craft investments that will give me growth independent of day trading.

    Your help is appreciated. It’s a giant learning curve.

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