Dr. Seuss, or an exercise in frustration

A new artefact has been released. Yes, I know how to spell artifact (they spell them the other way in the game). This is for Dr. Seuss. The problem is that there are no blogs for Dr. Seuss. None. There must have been some at one time because a bunch of players have some ideas for it. But whatever the blog(s) was or were, they don’t exist now.

Rankings are partly determined by the number of artefacts you have. At the time of this writing, I’m missing 2. The Dr. Seuss one and another doozy for Pink Floyd. At least there are blogs for Pink Floyd.

I’ve been hunting for a couple of days now and so far no luck. Dr. Seuss qualifies as a content industry. Meaning that in order to vote a blog into the Dr. Seuss industry, it needs to have at least 5 posts with significant content devoted to Dr. Seuss. This is a tall order.

Now I am a big Seuss fan. Theodor Geisel (Seuss was, of course, a pen name) revolutionized children’s literature, was a fantastic illustrator, and created possibly one of the more bizarre musicals of our time.

I speak, of course, of The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T. The hero, Bart, a small boy is the unwilling student of piano teacher, Dr. Terwilliker. Dr. Terwilliker is played by the late, great character actor, Hans Conreid. There’s a sort of nightmare/fantasy where the main action happens. And Dr. Terwilliker turns into a crazed dictator of a piano camp with designs on Bart’s mother. The costumes, music, sets, even the characters are all bizarre. It’s great fun.

Unfortunately, it did horribly at the box office and it is the only film Seuss ever did. Way ahead of its time.

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  1. Hey Teach! said

    Hi –

    I am probably too late since this was posted a month ago, but if you still need a Seuss blog, check out my blog (URL above) on the Grinch turning 50 this year.

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